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Transform your business with Mertido’s exceptional digital marketing and business consulting. As a small agency, we focus our expertise on core areas.

This means we can always deliver on our commitments.

We select a small number of clients and work meticulously to elevate our clients using our key methods.


Social Media

We handle clients’ social media accounts, optimize channels and create growth, awareness and ROI over time. We work with clients long-term to align social media marketing strategies with business goals. We enable brands to reach target markets.

Email Marketing

We evaluate clients’ campaigns to determine which tactics are reaching audiences. Using leading technology and established email marketing practices, we spread brand messaging to potential customers while continually refining strategy based on detailed data analysis.


Mertido telemarketing experts realign B2B campaigns to add the personal touch that closes sales. As part of a holistic telemarketing campaign, we deliver multi-lingual services, data and insight reports through an open referral or as a white-label service.

Performance Improvement

We deliver and implement lasting change using data-driven analysis. Performance improvement focuses on costs, opportunities and optimization to source the highest potential growth for the lowest investment.

Strategic Advisory

We work across every industry on a wide range of issues. We guide leaders on important decisions that are vital to the future of a business. Mertido consultants also offer their expertise in a particular industry or subject, such as market positioning or restructuring.

Strategic Communications

Mertido strategic communications consultants create processes for effective communication. We help organizations establish and maintain strong relationships with key participants, build trust in the workplace, and promote transparency and accountability.

Increase sales with digital marketing based on compelling strategies. We take actions that boost engagement, capture the target audience, generate conversions, and increase sales.

Why Do You Need Professional Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing services allow businesses to promote their brand and reach their target audience at lower costs than other services. Digital marketing channels let companies to reach niche markets irrespective of time zone and distance.

Mertido offers a selection of services in digital marketing, promotion and advertising to online businesses. These internet marketing solutions aid business development and growth-boosting brand awareness, lead generation, and customer engagement, offering a better return on investment and performance tracking.
Mertido’s services include search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid ads and ad campaigns, content marketing, and more.

We induce business growth, development and expansion by leveraging a consistent digital presence and customer engagement.

Why Do You Need Professional Business Consulting?

Business consultants aim to help business owners streamline their organizations by creating better processes or implementing new digital tools. They help generate new leads and increase conversion rates.
Smaller businesses are often limited by tight budgets and resources. However, Mertido business consultant can impart their expertise without over-extending your budget.

Our experience is invaluable and produces tangible results such as improved staff performance, increased revenue, better customer satisfaction and optmized efficiency.

We create actionable business plans, establish standard operations procedures, assist in financial management and guide your team through legal processes with the help of our experienced business consultants. We provide strategic advice and guidance on issues so your company can successfully achieve its growth ambitions.

To talk to Mertido about digital marketing or consulting services, send us an email with an outline of the project, and our professionals will reply with an opportunity to advance your business towards its full potential.

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